Top Documents of the Week

  1. Software Available for Students
  2. Two-factor Authentication (Duo) and VPN
  3. Office 365 Education - How Do I Obtain and Office 365 Education?
  4. Getting Started with IT for Undergraduate and Graduate Students
  5. Print from your own computer (Windows)
  6. Laptop Purchase Guidelines for Students
  7. Office of Information Technology Help Desk
  8. Box at Rice University - Getting Started for New Users
  9. How to obtain and install X11 for Mac
  10. Google Drive - Move files from My Drive to Team Drives
  11. Software Available for Faculty and Staff
  12. Remote Desktop from Off Campus
  13. Duo Enrollment Guide
  14. Project Site Migration Matrix
  15. Print Refund or Credit
  16. Print from your own computer (Mac)
  17. Email at Rice
  18. What is Two-factor Authentication and Duo
  19. Changing your NetID and Google Account Passwords
  20. IT Self-Service
  21. Activate your NetID
  22. Microsoft Outlook 2016 Configuration (First-time setup)
  23. MyNetID Instructions
  24. Creating a Email Alias (also known as Vanity Email)
  25. How to Setup Vacation Settings or Email Forwarding for Rice Email
  26. Webmail- Email Web Access
  27. MATLAB Total Academic Headcount (TAH)
  28. Telephone - Rice Voicemail
  29. G Suite for Education [Core Apps & Consumer Apps]
  30. iPhone/iPad/iPod mail set up
  31. Connect to the Eduroam wireless network
  32. Undergraduate and Graduate Gmail FAQ
  33. How to Setup a Rice Gmail Alias
  34. Publications Upload: Converting BibTeX to CSV File
  35. Working Remotely
  36. How to Setup Mail Forwarding for Rice Email
  37. Adobe Creative Cloud License
  38. Mailman FAQ
  39. Printer and Plotter Locations & Rates
  40. Apple Mail Setup (OS X 10.9 - 10.11)
  41. Optimal Use of Rice Networks
  42. Rice Storage, File Sharing and Backup Solutions
  43. Mailman Mailing List
  44. Getting Started with IT for Faculty
  45. Android Mail Setup
  46. Cisco VoIP Portal
  47. Saving your Google Drive Documents
  48. Undergraduate and Graduate Email
  49. Account - What is my NetID?
  50. Rice LDAP Directory for Address Book or Email Program
  51. Proofpoint End User Digest
  52. Connect Gaming Consoles to the Wired Network (Manual Configuration)
  53. Plotting Instructions
  54. NetID - Forgot or reset NetID Password
  55. How to Setup Filters and Mail Forwarding for Rice Gmail
  56. Rice Google Calendar FAQ
  57. How to remove/restore built-in apps for Windows 10
  58. Storage Options for Undergraduate/Graduate students
  59. Adobe Sign Enterprise - Setup
  60. How to determine if your computer is encrypted with BitLocker (PC) or FileVault (Mac)
  61. Mount the storage drive on Ubuntu
  62. Microsoft Outlook 2013 Configuration (First-time setup)
  63. Mailing List Terms of Use
  64. Using a Linux Shell and SSH/SFTP to Access
  65. Proofpoint Protection
  66. Google Mail for Undergraduate & Graduate students
  67. Getting Started: Zoom Videoconferencing
  68. Zoom Video Conferencing - "Host" or "Join a Meeting"
  69. Cisco VoIP (Voice-over-IP)
  70. Mount storage drive on a Macintosh
  71. About NetID
  72. Canvas: Sync Your Canvas Calendar with Outlook
  73. Connect a Windows 10 Computer to Rice Owls
  74. Using the Duo Authentication Prompt
  75. Manually Configure a Windows Workstations to Connect to the RiceNet3 Wired Network with PEAP MSCHAPv2
  76. Connecting to the RiceNet3 Wired Network on Linux
  77. Getting Started with IT for Staff
  78. Rice Visitor Portal
  79. Free Software Titles
  80. Connecting an Android phone to the wireless network
  81. Windows 10 Self-Service Upgrade Instructions
  82. Apple Mail Configuration (First Time Setup): Sierra (10.12)
  83. Software Installed on Classroom Podium and Computer Lab PCs
  84. Printing Overview
  85. OIT - Using Windows 10 Notifications
  86. NetID - Password Criteria and Account Recovery
  87. HBO Go and Philo at Rice University
  88. Create a Website
  89. Mail headers - view and/or send the source of an email message
  90. Connecting to the RiceNet3 Wired Network on Windows 10

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