Rice Storage, File Sharing and Backup Solutions

Faculty, staff and students have the following options for storage, file sharing and collaboration

Help! I need to store my files and data.

Your Rice files and data can be stored in the space allocated to, or associated with, your Rice NetID in multiple locations inside Rice and in the cloud.  

Rice Storage, File Sharing, and Backup Solutions

Staff Grad Students Undergrads
Individual and Collaborative Storage Solutions  
Individual User U: Drive  (FAQ) 5GB
Rice Box (Getting Started) ( Training ) ( Login
Can be configured for confidential and sensitve data. For individuals.
unlimited unlimited unlimited

Rice Box
- Shared Folder, for collaboration. Tied to individual NetID(s)

Google Drive
( Google Drive Help ) (  Login)
Can be configured for confidential and sensitive data

Google Team Drive  

Can be configured for confidential and sensitive data, and sharing. 

Microsoft One Drive
(FAQ) (Login)





   1 TB  1 TB  1 TB  1 TB
Not recommended for confidential data: 

Department Share (FAQ)
 40GB shared
 40GB shared  40GB shared**  40GB shared**

File Delivery, Version, & Backup Solutions

Crashplan for Backup for Rice-owned PCs and Macs (  Login)  § unlimited
 § unlimited    

Research Data Facility
more information

  • *1GB automatically provisioned instructors for each Registrar-assigned course; collaborative spaces for all faculty, staff and students are available by request.
  • **Students allowed to share this space only if requested by Faculty or Staff.
  • §annual purchase required to set up this service.

Postdoctoral employees are hired as staff. Complimentary Staff, Visitors, and External Collaborators require sponsorship by Rice Faculty or Staff; selected storage solutions may be shared between the sponsor and the guest.  

Rice Storage Solution Links and Definitions

  • Crashplan: is a cost-recovery service that will automatically backup targeted files on Rice-owned PCs and Macs. For approximately $82.56 annually per person, it can be purchased for both office and lab computers;  the size of the backup is unlimited, but it can only backup and retain a copy data and files that currently exist on the computer -  it is not a cumulative storage service.
  • Research Data Facility: To accommodate the research community's growing need to store large datasets and facilitate collaboration among research groups, the Center for Research Computing has made available a variety of services collectively known as the Research Data Facility (RDF).  The RDF consists of  a combination of cloud-based and on-premises storage services that are robust and secure, flexible enough to meet a wide range of use cases, and scalable to meet future data storage needs.
  • Department Drive: Private Rice storage solution for depts or groups; shared between all members in group or department; mount or map a drive on your computer to connect.
  • Google Drive: Cloud storage solution; can share files with internal and external email addresses; login to   google.com, using NetID and Rice Google password.
  • Google Team Drive: Cloud storage solution especially for collaboration. Can share files with internal and external email addresses. See  
  • Individual User U: Drive: Private Rice storage solution associated with NetID, not shared; mount or map a drive on your computer to connect.
  • Rice Box: Cloud storage solution based inside US; can share with internal individual NetID addresses and external collaborators' addresses; login with Rice NetID and NetID password.

What about email? An email account is not a good storage solution for important data or correspondence. Choose one of the storage locations described above instead to retain important data and correspondence. 

What about my other solutions? Do not use your Rice NetID or password for non-Rice accounts. Storing critical or sensitive Rice data on external solutions NOT under contract to Rice poses a significant security risk to the university.The same security risk exists if you store Rice data in a non-NetID account on Google or Box. For definitions of sensitive and confidential Rice data, see the PDF for Rice Policy 808.       


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