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Webmail: Email Web Access

This article gives a tour of the Webmail interface and gives instructions on things like working with inbox messages and changing setup preferences for Mailbox.

Warning Box
 The Webmail Inbox is only one page.  Do NOT use the "Select All" function to delete email. This will delete your entire Inbox.

The Rice webmail interface is mobile friendly, allows you to drag and drop messages, and the default settings hide all deleted messages. The display is much easier to use, with actions and options included in drop-down menus on the right top corner, rather than displayed in text across the top of the window.  The default for forwarded messages is to include the original text as an attachment, but In Body Text is also an option displayed when the forward feature is selected.

Step 1:  Login to

Here you will find the latest IT Alerts and Announcements
Example account for Sammy Owl
  • Username:  sro1
  • Password: C3pO42!x
  • Select Log inWebmail Login

Step 2Inbox with Folders List and Messages

Below is the screenshot of a Webmail Inbox. The color boxes located on the bottom right indicate the name of the webmail server and confirmation of your login.
Webmail Inbox
To navigate up and down your Inbox, use the scroll bar. You can also sort using column headings: From, Subject, or Date.
Inbox Scroll Bar

Step 3:  Working with Inbox Messages

When you select a message in your Inbox, the active message will be highlighted.
You will see the following action buttons: Refresh, Reply, Forward, Spam, Innocent, Delete.
Settings in Inbox

Step 4: Setup Preferences for Mailbox:  Address Book

Select: Settings > Preferences > Mail > Address Books
To import Personal Address Book(s) and the Rice Online Directory, go to Settings > Preferences > Mail > Address Books.
Mail Preferences Setup

Step 5: Log Out

Log out Option

Webmail Settings 

The following are screenshots that illustrate where you can find the various features of Webmail.
To search for an email:
Screenshot of Search Button on Webmail
To edit Address Book:
Address Book Setting
Others > Mail Tools: SmartSieve; DSPAM; Google Calendar:
  • SmartSieve: Filter Rules; Forward Mail; Vacation Settings
  • DSPAM: Setup SPAM controls
  • Google Calendar:  Your Rice Calendar
Other Mail tools

Settings Options

  • Toggle Alerts Log: toggle off/on alerts
  • Problem: Report a Problem within Webmail
  • Help: Resources for many Webmail Topics: Compose, Filters, PGP, Message, Mailbox, Folders, etc.
Settings options

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