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Webmail: Customizing Webmail Virtual and Trash Folders

This article shows how to find and remove a saved search and its Virtual folder, how to remove a Webmail Virtual Trash folder, how to create an actual Trash folder as well as how to empty an actual Trash Folder.

These instructions are not for GMail or Exchange users. 

What is a Virtual folder in Webmail?

Virtual folders are a tool in Webmail to display saved searches. They are not actual folders, but a name for a saved search result. But they appear in a user's folder list as if they were a real folder. 

Turning off Virtual folders

  1. Go to webmail's Mail Preferences. 
  2. On the left side of the screen click Saved Searches
  3. Uncheck any boxes you see checked. 
  4. Return to the inbox and logout. 

When you log back into Webmail, the virtual folders will be gone.

Using a Virtual Trash folder in Webmail

If you have a folder in your Webmail called Virtual Trash, this is a saved search. It is not an actual folder, but a representation of a search result. In this case a search of all messages that have been marked for deletion, but have not yet been deleted. To turn off the Virtual Trash folder and create an actual Trash folder instead:

1. Go to your inbox, and click Preferences at the top. Depending on the mode you're in, this could be a button or a choice under a gear icon. If it's a gear, select Preferences > Mail.

2. Choose Deleting and Moving Messages (in the middle).

3. Put a check mark by the option Move deleted messages to your Trash mailbox instead of marking them as deleted in the current mailbox.

4. Under the Trash folder select Create Mailbox if you do not already have a Trash folder.

5. Check to Display the "Empty Trash" link in the menubar? (Basic view only).

6. Click Save.

Next time you login, the physical Trash folder will appear.
Follow the instructions above to actually turn off your Virtual Folder. 

Emptying a real Trash Folder

When you have a real Trash Folder, by selecting
Preferences > Mail > Deleting and Moving Messages you can choose how you want to handle the use of the Trash folder and when to delete the messages there. 
Setting Trash Preferences

Manually Emptying Trash Folder

If you want to empty Trash manually, to reclaim some space: select the Trash folder > Empty.
Manually Emptying Trash Folder

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