Top Documents of the Week

  1. How to determine if your computer is encrypted with BitLocker (PC) or FileVault (Mac)
  2. Software Available for Students
  3. How to remove/restore built-in apps for Windows 10
  4. Kaltura: Enable 3rd-Party Cookies
  5. How to Contact the OIT Help Desk
  6. Updating Password on Outlook
  7. Rice Mail (Organization account)
  8. Duo: Enrollment Guide
  9. Using HubSpot to Send Messages to Rice Community
  10. Operations Center: Mudd Building
  11. Canvas: Allowing Students to View Their Quiz Responses
  12. Printer and Plotter Locations & Rates
  13. Zoom: Cloud Recording Retention Policy
  14. Box: Getting Started
  15. Rice University Microsoft 365
  16. Software Available for Faculty and Staff
  17. Adobe Acrobat Sign - Setup & Sign In
  18. Zoom: Getting Started
  19. Canvas: Icons and Colors in the Gradebook
  20. Email at Rice
  21. Office of Information Technology Technical Support
  22. NetID: Activate NetID
  23. CRC Data Backup, Recovery, Compliance, Regulatory Controls, and Restrictions
  24. NetID: Creating an Email Alias (also known as Vanity Email Address)
  25. Mailing List Terms of Use
  26. NetID: Changing your NetID Password
  27. VPN: openconnect VPN for Linux using Duo Authentication
  28. VPN: Complete Guide to VPN
  29. Adobe Creative Cloud License
  30. Mailman FAQ
  31. NetID: Changing your Published (Primary) Email Address
  32. CRC Getting Started on NOTS
  33. Printing on the Mudd Lab Plotters
  34. CRC How Do I Ensure My Job Has Enough Memory To Run Using SLURM?
  35. Duo: Reactivate Duo on your Smart Phone
  36. Webmail: Email Web Access
  37. NetID: Password Criteria and Best Practices
  38. NetID: Account Summary
  39. Rice Storage, File Sharing and Backup Solutions
  40. iO: Centralized Business Platform for HR and Finance
  41. Laptop Loaner Program
  42. NetID: How to Reset a Forgotten NetID Password
  43. NetID: Updating Contact Information in MyNetID
  44. NetID: What to do if Locked Out of Account
  45. NetID: Complete Guide to NetID
  46. Karamba 2.2.0 for Rhino 7
  47. Proofpoint: Getting Started with Proofpoint
  48. Microsoft 365 Exchange in Outlook (First-time Setup)
  49. Kaltura: "Failed to stop recording" error on macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
  50. Duo: Using Duo while Traveling

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