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Proofpoint Protection

Proofpoint is a protection gateway for email to block known threats such as spam and phishing detection. Individuals are able to create and maintain their own safelists and blocklists.


Proofpoint Protection Web Application

Proofpoint is an application that provides spam, virus, and content policy infrastructure. All incoming email is inspected by the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway as soon as it arrives. Messages that contain a virus, spam, or inappropriate content are sent to a quarantine area. If email messages addressed to you end up in the Quarantine, you will receive a notification, called End User Digest, in your Inbox.

Step 1: Go to Proofpoint Protection and login with your Rice NetID and NetID Password.

Note: Use lowercase for Username.

Proofpoint Login

Step 2: Upon login, you will see the default screen is the Quarantine view.

Low-priority mail quarantine


Low Priority Mail - Quarantined

What is Low Priority Mail? 

Low Priority Mail is a subscription-based email such as a mailing list that has the option for you to unsubscribe. Additionally, some emails come from the other mail tools including Evite, Survey Monkey and Mail Chimp. For your username, use your primary email address. 


 Toolbar Function

 FindFind an email using the From, Subject or Date fields.
 Block Sender Block emails and add sender to the Blocked Senders List.
 DeleteDelete specific emails after adding to Block Senders List.
 Release Release a message to your Inbox.

Note: the message can take up to one (1) hour to be delivered.
Additionally, you can Allow Sender and then Release if the sender is one that you want to allow email to be  sent directly to your Inbox. 
 Allow Sender Add sender to the Safe Senders List.
 Options Ability to request another End User Digest, refresh the screen, or delete all email in this quarantine.
 Logout Top right of the Proofpoint Web Application window. Use to log out of portal. 

Low Priority Mail Quarantine

To the top

Spam - Quarantined 

Spam is a list of any suspicious mail Proofpoint has quarantined.


 Toolbar Function

FindSearch for an email.
Release and Allow Sender Release an email and add sender to the Safe Sender list.
Release If you see a legitimate email message in the list of quarantined items, you can forward it to your inbox. Check the box to the left of the message and choose Release from the toolbar at the top of the Quarantined-Spam page.

Note: the message can take up to one hour to be delivered.
Additionally, you can Allow Sender and then Release if the sender is one that you want to allow email to be sent directly to your Inbox.
Allow Sender If you would like to add the sender of a message to your Safe Senders List, check the box to the left of the message and choose Allow Sender from the toolbar.
Options Ability to request another End User Digest emailed your account or to Delete All messages in the Quarantine-Spam. Messages left in Quarantine-Spam will be purged after 30 days.

spam quarantine


My Lists consists of two folders:  Safe Senders List and Blocked Senders List.

Safe Senders Lists: 
In the toolbar, select New to add a sender to the Safe Senders List or just view the safe senders that you have deemed safe for delivery. 

Safe Senders

Blocked Senders Lists: View the email addresses/domains you or Proofpoint have blocked. Or, using toolbar you can add new address to Blocked Senders List. 

Blocked Senders List

Proofpoint Domains

You have the ability to add or remove email addresses/domains from both lists.

To the top


In order to select your spam protection policy and edit the type of spam detection type you want, go to My Profile > Settings > My Settings.
  • Default: By default, Quarantine Spam and Low Priority Mail are delivered to the respective Quarantine folders.
  • Quarantine Spam Only: Low Priority Mail will be delivered to the Inbox. 
  • No Quarantine: All Spam and Low Priority Mail will be delivered to the Inbox.
profile settings

To see all your email aliases, go to My Profile > Account > My Account. At the top of the page should be your primary email address and name.


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