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NetID: Account Summary

The MyNetID Account Summary gives you information about your published email address, email aliases, and more.

Getting to the Account Summary Display

To view your MyNetID account information, login to using Duo authentication. Once logged in, click the Account Summary link in the left menu. 

Screen displaying Rice Online Account Maintenance
Once on the Account Summary page, you will see the following categories of information:
  • NetID Information - use your NetID to log on to Rice classroom and lab computers and campus systems.
  • NetID Account Status - the status is indicated.
  • Primary Email Address - This is your published email address in the Rice online directory.   You may select your preference for a published email alias.
  • Email Alias or Vanity Email Alias  - You may personalize your Rice address by creating up to three email vanity aliases. All email addresses delivered to your NetID email account.

NetID Information

Your NetID is abc123. (Your NetID is a combination of your initials and numbers.)

Use your NetID to log into Rice classroom and lab computers, as well as the university systems, and applications.

Email Information

Your published email address is

To access your Rice email, you must log in using your NetID account name, abc123.

Primary Email Address

Designate one email address as your primary or published address for the Rice Online Directory. You may choose your NetID address or one of your email aliases as your published email address.

(Learn more NetID: Changing your Published (Primary) Email Address

Email Alias or Vanity Mail Alias

An email alias or vanity mail address allows you to personalize your Rice address. Your NetID automatically assigns you two email addresses: your NetID address and your official address (usually your full name). You may create up to three email vanity aliases. All addresses deliver messages to your NetID email account. (Learn more NetID: Creating an Email Alias (also known as Vanity Email Address)

When you are on the account summary page, it will show all the addresses that can deliver messages to your NetID email account and if you have any vanity mail aliases remaining.

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