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Getting Started: Webex (formally Webex Teams)

Webex, formally called WebexTeams, is an all-in-one solution for messaging, file sharing, white boarding, video meetings, calling, and more. It keeps teams connected anytime, anywhere, and moves work forward faster. It is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms.

Getting Started with the Webex App.

Webex Video Tutorials  Various videos about Webex

Download  Download Webex applications for Windows, Macintosh, iOS, and Android devices

Support  Webex Help Center
Training Various live and recorded Webex classes.


Download the Desktop App
  • Webex Teams has been rebranded to Webex (dropping Teams name), although documentation is still undergoing the renaming transition.  Webex Teams is now Webex, but if seeing Webex Teams in the documentation, it is the same product as Webex.
  • Open your browser to:
  • Double-click on the file and install it.
  • Enter your primary Rice email address (Preferred Publish email) and select Next.
    • If you don't know your primary Rice email address, browse to and type in your last name.  Find your information, your primary email will be the email address that is displayed.
  • Click Submit and you will be redirected to the Rice Single Sign On the web page for authentication.
  • Enter your Rice NetID and password.
  • You are now ready to start using Webex.
Devices:  Webex can be accessed on your computer, smartphone, or tablet where you install the Webex application.
Send a message

When you write your messages, you can send a quick one, or make it stand out with more text formatting and emojis. You can also share files, pictures, videos, and even gifs. Webex keeps a list of all the content shared in a space, so you'll never lose track of them. Use @mentions to make sure the right people see your message. Don’t worry if you’ve made a mistake and need to edit it or if you’ve pasted in the wrong space and need to delete the message entirely.

Your messages are persistent. The next time you message the group, your conversation picks right up where you've left it. And after you send a message, you can see who's read your message.

Send Message

Read and respond to messages

When you get a new message, you are notified right away. If you are too busy to respond but want to see someone’s message, you can just take a quick peek instead. People won't know that you've seen the message.

You can also make it easy for yourself and others to follow a specific train of thought using threadingquotes, and even forwarding a message to someone else.Read and Respond to Messages

Organize your messages

Another way to help keep you productive is by organizing your messages. You can filter your messages so that you can focus on just your unread messages, for example, or just spaces where you’ve been @mentioned.

Organize your messages

You can also flag important messages so that you can refer back to them easily.Flag Messages

And if you're looking for a message or a file that was shared but can't remember what space it was posted in, you can search for it.

Organize and search

Customize your audio preferences

When you make or receive a call, the app automatically detects the audio devices you have connected to your computer, such as a headset. You can change your settings right before you make a call. You can also make some of these your default settings if you'd like. 


Customize audio preferences

You can personalize your audio settings:

  • Choose a headset, speaker, or microphone.
  • Reduce disruptions with background noise removal and speech enhancement.
Answer a call

When you get a call, you get a notification that you can use to accept or decline it. If the person calling you has a Webex account, you can also message the person back if you're not able to take the call right away.

Answer a Call

Call someone with a phone number

If your organization has configured your Webex account with a phone service, you can also call anyone else with a phone number. This type of call requires additional services so check if your account has a phone service, associated with it.

When you call like this, it’s just like making a regular phone call from any other type of phone. If you want to call your favorite restaurant to make your lunch order, call them right from the app, and place your order.

When you're on a phone call, you may have access to certain features. Here are just a few features available:

  • Put a call on hold—If you're on a phone call with someone and you get interrupted by something else that you need to take care of, you can put the call on hold and resume it when you're free to chat again.
  • Transfer a call—When you're on a call, you can transfer that call to someone else.
  • Forward a call—If you're going to be away from your desk but don't want to miss an important phone call, you can forward your calls to another phone number.
  • Add someone to your contacts—You can add people to your Contacts list, making it easier to connect with the people you message and call most often.
  • Voicemail—Don't worry about missing important calls. People can leave you a voice message and you can listen to the message right in the app.

For a complete list of all features and what type of phone service you need for each feature, check out the supported calling options.

Note:  Webex does provide video calls, although Rice has standardized Zoom for video meetings.  Webex licensing on the Rice account provides Webex video meetings up to 50 minutes and up to 100 participants, with no cloud recording.  Zoom is the preferred video solution, providing 24-hour video meetings and up to 300 participants with Rice accounts.


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