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Box: Remove Collaborators

You should remove a collaborator's access as soon as they no longer need the file or folder that you are sharing with them.

The below gives you instructions on how to remove a collaborator from an individual folder or from all folders that you own.

Note: You can only remove collaborators from folders and files that you own or have Editor permissions on.

 Remove a Collaborator from an individual folder

  1. Navigate to the folder or subfolder you want to remove a collaborator from within Box.
  2. Click on theThe More Options button for Collaborators button to Change collaborator permission and choose Remove from the menu.Window with the Remove button

 Remove a Collaborator from all Folders that you own

  1. On the sidebar click on the menu item that says, Collaborators.A screenshot showing the open collaborator menu for an individual collaborator with the Remove option highlighted
  2. To remove a collaborator from all folders that you own click on the Remove button to the right of the desired person in the list.

The Collaborator screen with a collaborator highlighted and the remove button showingNote: for collaborators that are in folders you are not the owner you will get a message when trying to remove them "You can only remove collaborators from folders that you own" and you will not be able to remove them.Remove from folders you own

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