Emergency Notification System

The Rice Crisis Management Team is implementing a new system to take advantage of recent technological advances in the field of mass notification. Last year the Crisis Management Team reviewed proposals from a number of vendors and chose to use the services of Everbridge, a global leader for integrated communication about critical events. When we send a Rice Alert, it will often be timely information about a crime, severe weather or some other urgent matter that is intended to keep you safe and may even save your life, so it is important that you get the communication. One of the features of our new system is that it will send a message to you by different methods until you confirm receipt. For example, if you don't reply to a message that comes in on the app or as a text on your cellphone, the system will send a notice to your work and personal emails. By confirming receipt, you can stop the system from sending the same message to you by other methods.

Updating Esther: 

Log in to your Esther account at ESTHER and click on "Rice Alert" near the top of the main menu. Under "Non-Rice Phone Information" check to be sure your current cellphone number is listed correctly, along with your cellphone service provider. If you have a cellphone for work as well as a personal cellphone, you can list both, but put them in the order in which you would prefer to be contacted. Everbridge will try the first cellphone number before sending a message to the second number. Under "Non-Rice Email Information" type a personal email address if you want notifications to be sent there when you can't be reached by phone. 

Students: Please note that if you have your parents' cellphone numbers registered under the Rice Alert system, your parents will receive the emergency alerts as well.

Faculty and Staff:  if you don’t know the PIN for your Esther account, you can use the “Forgot PIN” feature.  For additional assistance, please contact Human Resources or email: people@rice.edu.

Students: if you don't know the PIN for your Esther account, you can use the "Forgot PIN" link.  For additional assistance, please contact:  registrar@rice.edu..

If you do not want to receive emergency notifications, you can check the "Opt Out" box right above the "Submit" button on your Esther page, but we strongly discourage you from doing so. This would prevent you from receiving timely information, including notices about the university closing because of inclement weather, as well as critical info about your safety.

Download the Everbridge App

After you have updated your Esther page,  get out your cell phone, go to the App Store, search for Everbridge App and download the app.
The App is the fastest way to receive notifications.

Step 1:  Open the Everbridge App
Step 2:  Click "Login" under "Already have an account?"
Step 3:  "Enable Single Sign-on" under "Login"
Step 4:  Tap the line that says "Single Sign-on Key Phrase" and enter:  sammy1912
Step 5:  Click "Continue"
Step 6:  On the "Rice Identity Provider" screen, enter your Rice NetID  (lowercase letters only) ; enter your NetID password (case-sensitive)
Step 7: Click "Login"
Step 8: On the "Share Your Location", click "Allow"
Step 9: When the screen asks if you want to "Allow Everbridge to access your location even when you are not using the app?", you can decide whether or not to allow that.
Step 10:  If you chose "Allow" in response to the question above,on the next screen screen slide the white circle to the right on the line that says "Always Share My Location." If you chose "Don't Allow," you don't have to make any changes on this screen.
Step 11: Click "Done" at the bottom of the screen.
Step 12: When you get a pop-up message that says "Everbridge Would Like To Send You Notifications," click "Allow."
Step 13: When the "Safety" screen appears, click "OK." 
Step 14: On the "Safety Settings" page, click "4 Digits" on the "Duress Code" line. 
Step15: Enter a four-digit code that you can remember. 
Step 16: Type the same four-digit code on the screen asking you to confirm the code. 
Step 17: On the "Safety Settings" screen, if "United States" isn't listed as the country on the "Phone Number" line, select "United States." 
Step 18: On the line that says "Add a phone number," type your cellphone number. 
Step 19: Click <Messages at the top of the screen and then exit from the app by clicking on the home button on your cellphone.

Rice Alerts will go to the app first, so this will be a quick and easy way to receive them. Later in the year,  we will implement other features that the app offers, such as sending an SOS with the push of a button if you're in danger, and we will send additional instructions when these features are available.

Rice Alerts that are texted to your cellphone will come from Rice’s special emergency notification phone number (713-348-8888) or the new SMS short code, 89361. I recommend that you add that phone number or SMS short code to your cellphone contacts under the name "Rice Alert" so you will be able to recognize messages from the Rice Crisis Management Team.

When we test the system Feb. 7, we will also include announcements over outdoor speakers that have been installed across campus to enable the Rice University Police Department to broadcast messages that can be heard outside during an emergency. The outdoor warning system is not intended to be heard inside buildings.

If you update your Esther account and download the Everbridge app but don't receive the test message just before noon Feb. 7, please send an email to cmtcomment@rice.edu that states your name, your cellphone number and the name of your cellphone service provider so we can investigate why the communication didn’t reach you.

If you have questions about the instructions above, feel welcome to email me. Thanks for helping us keep you safe.

Jerusha Kasch
Director of Institutional Crisis Management

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