Folder Redirection

Folder redirection is an optional feature in Microsoft Windows that repoints your Desktop and Documents folders to a network storage or cloud location. At Rice, most users are not configured with folder redirection. For users that are configured with folder redirection, the folder redirection policy pointed Desktop and Documents folders to network folder, which is typically a user’s home folder on Rice’s primary network file server,

Because is only accessible from the campus network, users may see an error message and may not see files in their Desktop and Documents folders when logging into a Rice computer while off campus. Users can clear this error message and regain access to their Desktop and Documents folders after connecting to VPN.

Rice OIT no longer supports folder redirection to network storage locations. Users that still want to make use of folder redirection may elect to use the “Back up your folders” feature of Microsoft OneDrive.

How do I know if I have Folder Redirection?

Users can see if they have folder redirection by doing the following.

1. Open a File Explorer window. Browse to the Documents folder. Right-click on it and select “Properties.”

Open Documents properties

2. On the Documents Properties dialog box, select the “Location” tab.

Documents properties dialog box

3. View the folder path listed in the target location field. If the location begins with “C:\Users” then you do not have folder redirection enabled. If the location begins with “\\” then you have folder redirection enabled. If the text within the target location field is grayed out, then your folder redirection settings are being managed by a Rice OIT policy.

Users with folder redirection applied by a Rice OIT policy will have that policy removed when their files are migrated off of their U: drive (

How can I set up Folder Redirection to OneDrive?

Users that wish to use folder redirection going forward should use the “Back up your folders” feature of OneDrive. This feature points your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders to OneDrive so that these folders will be stored in OneDrive in the cloud instead of locally on your machine.

When signing into OneDrive on a Rice-owned machine, use your as the username to be sure that you are connecting to your Rice OneDrive account, and not a personal OneDrive account.

You can configure folder redirection to OneDrive by doing the following:

1. Open OneDrive settings by selecting the OneDrive cloud icon in your notification area, click on the gear icon and choose “Settings. “

OneDrive menu

2. Go to the Backup up tab and select Manage Back up.

OneDrive Properties dialog box

3. Select any folders that you wish to back up to OneDrive.

Select folders to backup to OneDrive

4. Select “Start backup” to synchronize the selected folders to OneDrive.

For more detailed information, please see Microsoft’s documentation here.

Note – Data that you back up to OneDrive can be accessible from anywhere you access OneDrive.

See the following KB link for more information about Microsoft OneDrive at Rice:

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