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CRC's Using the $PROJECTS File System

CRC's Using the $PROJECTS File System

CRC's Using the $PROJECTS File System

The $PROJECTS filesystem is intended for data that is to be shared among users in a group.  Every faculty member has a default group and all users under that faculty member's sponsorship will belong to that group.  Additionally, faculty members might have more than one group depending on their needs.


The $PROJECTS environment variable is an alias that refers to the path to the filesystem that contains the shared data space for each group.  You will only be able to write data into directories corresponding to your group membership.  In order to determine which group(s) you belong to, use the id command as follows:

user@host:~> id
uid=3095(username) gid=1002(groupname) groups=100(users),1002(groupname)

Once you have determined your group membership, you will be able to find the corresponding projects directory at the $PROJECTS/groupname (where groupname is your group name as reported by the id command). It is suggested that you create a directory that matches your username (such as $PROJECTS/groupname/username) but this naming convention is not required. Everyone in your group will have read-write access to $PROJECTS/groupname.  To create and access your projects directory, use these commands:

cd $PROJECTS/groupname
mkdir username

In this example groupname is the name of your group and username is your login username.

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