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Canvas: New Gradebook: Where is my Mute button?

Learn how to hide and post grades for students in the new gradebook

In the new gradebook, the terminology has changed from "Mute/Unmute" to "Hidden/Posted".

There are two levels of grade control. The first is the grade posting policy. Your options for this policy are manual or automatic. 

· Automatic means that as soon as you enter a grade/feedback into the gradebook it is sent to the student. 

· Manual means that the grades/feedback you enter will remain hidden until you decide to post them to the students. 

You can control this policy on the course level as well as at the assignment level. However, changing this policy does not change any grades that are already entered. It is highly suggested to change the policy to manual at the course level before the semester starts and then leaving them on manual throughout the semester and using the second level of control to post grades when you are ready. See the article New Gradebook Settings for detailed instructions on how to do this.

The only exception is for quizzes that are automatically graded by canvas. For these, you may want to change the policy at the assignment level before students take the quizzes so that the grades go out automatically as the students take the quiz. See the article Grade Posting Policy for instructions.

The second level of control is to post/hide the grades you have entered. 

Once you have entered grades in a column set to Manual posting policy, a hidden eye icon will appear at the top left corner of the column. This indicates that there are grades that are hidden from students and will only appear when this is the case. When you select the Options icon in a column with grades, you will see a post grades option. (If some grades have already been posted in that column you will also see an option to Hide Grades) see article on the for detailed instructions.

Clicking Post Grades will give you more options.

1) The first notation tells you how many grades are currently hidden and will be posted.

2) When grades are posted to everyone, students with ungraded submissions will see that their submission does not have a grade on their grades page. When grades are only posted to students with graded submissions, students with ungraded submissions will view an icon on their grades page that indicates grades are still being worked on.

3) You can also choose to post grades only for specific sections.

4) Once you decide and click post the grades you have chosen will be available for students.

If you add and post all the grades at once, then that column is available to students. However, if you didn’t add all grades before you posted, when you add new grades for other students they will be hidden (because the assignment is still on manual policy). So, when you add the rest of the grades, the eye with the slash will reappear because once again, there are grades that are hidden from students. You will now have the ability to post or hide grades, because some grades in this column are posted and others are not. You can then post the new grades in the same way as you did before. See article Post/Hide Grades for detailed instructions.

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