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Kaltura: Upload & Publish Videos in Canvas

This document demonstrates how to upload and publish videos to Kaltura 'My Media' in Canvas.

Start by logging into Canvas, then open any course.

Upload Media

  1. Select the My Media link in the left-hand course navigation.

    Kaltura 'My Media' link in Canvas course navigation menu

  2. On the My Media page, select the Add New button, then select one of the video source options from the submenu.

  3. Select Media Upload to add a video file from your computer.

    Add New Button in Kaltura My Media page

  4. On the Upload Media page, select the button labeled Choose a file to upload.

    BUtton labeled 'Choose a file to upload.'

    • Alternatively, click and drag the video file from your computer’s file library into the interactive zone on the Upload Media page.

  5. Select and open the desired file from your file manager.

    • For Windows users: File Explorer

    • For Mac users: Finder

  6. A status bar will track the completeness of your upload. Eventually, a message will appear to show the upload is complete.
    Upload completed notification

    • Note: Longer videos require a longer time to process.

Fill out details

  1. Below the heading labeled Please fill out these details: enter the Name (required), Description (optional), and Tags (optional).

    • Optionally, click the ‘Add collaborator’ button to add other users as co-authors and co-publishers; otherwise, ignore.

  2. Lastly, click the Save button.


To publish your video immediately after uploading, follow the steps below.

  1. After entering all required details and saving, select the radio button labeled Published.
    Notification: "Complete all required fields and save entry before you can publish."

    • Note: You cannot select Published until you select Save first.
      Publish in a gallery tab with gallery/course checkbox selected

    • Optionally, you can publish your content to one or more media galleries by selecting them. Galleries correspond to your courses.

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