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Canvas: Allowing Students to View Their Quiz Responses

This document explains how to let students see their quiz responses and the functions of this tool. Students can view their quiz responses only if you activate this feature.

To get to the quiz editing page:

1) Click Quizzes on the course navigation bar

2) Click +Quiz at the top of the page

3) This will allow you to name the quiz and choose options including those below.

There are several options associated with allowing students to view quiz responses:

Option 1: Checking Only Once After Each Attempt allows students to only view results immediately after completing the quiz.

Option 2: Checking Let Students See Their Quiz Responses shows students the correct response for each question on the quiz.

Check 'Let Students See their quiz Responses'
When you have only this option selected, the incorrect answers are shown immediately after students finish the quiz.
  • Remember: Students will not be able to see the correct answers if Let Students See the Correct Answers is not selected.
  • Feedback you placed in the quiz as well as incorrect responses will be displayed.
  • Quizzes default to this option, so if you do not want students to see incorrect quiz responses, deselect the checkbox.
  • The dates selected below do not impact this feature.

Student View of Incorrect Response Feedback

Only Once After Each Attempt Option

With this option, students will only be able to view the results immediately after they have completed the quiz. Results include their responses but not the correct answers. 
Warning box containing the text 'Correct answers are hidden'
  • This option may not be appropriate for quizzes that require manual grading, such as essay questions, where students would require additional views to see the updated results.
  • With this option, you can also use the Moderate Quiz feature to give students additional views to their quiz results.

Let Students See Correct Answers

This settings enables a green Correct tab by every correct answer for the entire quiz. Quizzes default to this option, so if you do not want students to see the correct answers, deselect the checkbox.
Correct answers, feedback, and student responses are shown on student quiz.
You can also control when and for how long students can see the correct answers by setting dates (and specific times, if desired) in the Show and Hide fields.
  • The dates and times only impact when the correct answers are shown. If Let Students See Their Quiz Responses is selected, student responses and incorrect answers are shown immediately after submitting the quiz and are not impacted by the dates here.
Dates only impact when students see correct answers
  • To show correct answers immediately after quiz is submitted, leave the Show and Hide fields blank.
  • To create a date range to display the correct answers, set a start date in the Show Correct Answers at field and an ending date in the Hide Correct Answers at field.
  • To always show correct answers after a specific date, set a date in the Show field.
  • To hide the correct answers after a specific date, set a date in the Hide field.
If the Only Once After Each Attempt option is selected, it will override any show or hide dates or times. If you want to show or hide correct answers on any specific date or time, then this option should not be selected.
For additional information about these and other quiz settings, visit the Canvas Guides at

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