Tableau Server ( Sign In Loop Glitch

Users of Rice's institutional Tableau Server may occasionally encounter a sign in loop glitch that prevents signing in to the server. This KB articles provides three ways to work around the glitch.

Occasionally, when attempting to access the institutional Tableau Server, a user may see an error message where they're unable to sign in.
Unable to Sign In
When Try Again is selected, there will be a message that says "You are signed out of Tableau Server".
 signed out of Tableau Server
If you select Sign In, it should return to the original error screen, resulting in a loop where the user is never given the opportunity to enter credentials and authenticate.

This sign in loop glitch is related to how web browsers store authentication information and how that information expires. As Rice OIT continues to work to resolve this issue so it no longer occurs, there are three ways to proceed to the institutional Tableau Server when a user does experience this glitch.

Step 1: Close your browser and open a new browsing session. This works because completely closing your browsing session clears the temporary data stored by the browser related to Tableau authentication.

Step 2: Open a New Private Window (Firefox), New Incognito Window (Chrome), or New InPrivate Window (Edge) and navigate to the institutional Tableau Server. This works because a new private browsing session will not include the temporary data stored by the browse related to Tableau authentication.

Step 3: Open a new tab and log in to another Rice service that requires NetID authentication (such as Box). After successfully logging in, return to the institutional Tableau Server and you will automatically authenticate. This works because the temporary data stored by the browser related to Tableau authentication will be reset.

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