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Proofpoint: How to find and redeliver a user's quarantined email that they deleted to their inbox

A Proofpoint Admin can use the Proofpoint GUI to find and force re-delivery of email that was in a user's quarantine. Used when a user accidentally deleted the email instead of delivering it to themselves (their inbox).

Users often accidentally select a quarantined message and delete it, rather than deliver it to their Inbox.  

Messages in the "Quarantine" folder or "Bulk" mailing folder; are kept for 31 days, even if a user chose to delete it. 

Any Proofpoint Admin can find the needed message(s) and redeliver to the user.  It is best to re-deliver the message without a scan so that it is not checked again by proofpoint.

This technique allows you to find and release a message that was either in a user's "Low Priority Mail - Quarantined" queue and discarded, or in a user's "Spam - Quarantined" queue.

Find the message; then deliver it again to the user.

Get as much message info as possible from the recipient:
  • Sender email address (this often does not match the real sender address)
  • Recipient email address (netid)
  • Date/Time frame of email message
  • Subject of Email - any keywords
Then find the message using 1 of these methods:
  • Use System => Quarantine, =>Messages Tab, and search for the message with time frame and/or Subject or Recipient or Sender
  • Use System => Smart Search tab => Enter message info (time frame, Subject, Sender/Recipient) and Search. When you find it, figure out what Folder it was placed into. Then you can find, select and Release the message again, from that Folder.

Use System => Quarantine =>  Search for message

Example:  Used Quarantine Search and Subject to search for message received in the last 2 days.
It was To: with a Subject: Amazon  something something about a gift card.
Find the message, Select it, and then Release the message, withOUT a scan to redeliver it back to the recipient.
See Video:  

User System => Smart Search => Search for message.  Then Select it from its specific folder.

Example: Searching for message To: smcclure with Subject: something Splunk something; received in last 15 days.
When you find the message, select the + sign and see details.  Here you find it was quarantined, into the Bulk Folder.  Because it was a bulk mailing, it was
listed in the Proofpoint user's "Low Priority Mail - Quarantined" queue before it was discarded by the user.,
Select the Plus Sign + to see the message delivery details

Retrieve the message from its Folder and Release it

Now go to:  System => Quarantine => Messages => Use the Scroll down and Select BULK and view that folder.
Search that folder, using message details such as Date, Recipient, Subject.  
Find the message, then select the Option => Release, withOUT a scan. 

Update Safe Senders List

Remember, for future delivery of a Bulk email directly to their Inbox, a user can update their Safe-Senders List in their PP account. 

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