FIS: FAQs about Faculty Information System (FIS)

Frequently Asked Questions about the FIS and 2018 Faculty Annual Reports

Faculty Annual Reports:

  • Q1 : Why is the Faculty Annual Report deadline now on January 31?
    At one time, the annual report was due in mid-February, but because the annual report is now a factor in faculty salary increases, the deadline was moved up in 2017 to coincide with the annual budget process. (Most Rice academic schools had already moved their internal deadlines up.)

Faculty Information System (FIS):

  • Q1 : What happened to the Scholarly Interest Reports that we had in the old FIS in 2015 and earlier?
    This feature has been discontinued.

  • Q2 : Is anything entered in the FIS visible publicly or university wide?
    No. The current FIS is only for the purpose of the annual report, and only individuals with appropriate security in the system will be able to view your information.

  • Q3 : Are department staff able to complete annual reports on behalf of faculty?
    Yes. However, if you want to download 2020 publications from Google Scholar, the faculty member will have to log into their own Google Scholar account, export the list in CSV format, and then send the file to the staff member to be uploaded into the FIS. If new staff need FIS access, the department administrator should email a request to and include the staff member’s Rice ID (E number).

  • Q4 : Can I download my publications from another source besides Google Scholar?
    Yes.  If your preferred source has the option to export a file into CSV format, you just need to make the columns and headings match a specific format accepted by the database.  You can download the Sample CSV File at the List Upload screen within the FIS, or see Figure 1 in the help document referenced below. 
    If your preferred source does not include the CSV export option, it probably does have a BibTeX option.  You can use the open source reference manager JabRef to convert the BibTeX file to CSV, following this help doc:  Publications Upload: Converting BibTeX to CSV File.

  • Q5 : I notice that there are no teaching evaluation scores for Fall 2020 classes.  Will these appear later? 
    Yes.  When the semester is over and the deadline for evaluations has passed, these scores will be added to the reports.  
  • Q6 : Why am I unable to access the FIS from off campus?
    In order to use the FIS from off campus, you must use VPN. 
    This is to protect your own and others' personally identifiable information in this and other campus systems.

  • Q7 : Can I cut and paste a whole publication or presentation citation from my CV to the FIS?
    .  In order to have data that is useful for reporting purposes, elements like title, journal name, page number, etc., must be entered in discrete fields.  Therefore the complete citation field is no longer available.  We hope that the new upload feature from Google Scholar will help to mitigate any inconvenience to faculty.

  • Q8 : When I try to generate my annual report, the year 2020 is not available in the dropdown list.  How can I get it to appear?
    In the left navigation menu, under Actions, click My Defaults.  If there are any years entered in the User Default column, delete them, and hit Save.  Now try again to access your current year report.

2016 FARIS System:

  • Q9 : What happened to FARIS, the system we used for our 2016 reports?
    FARIS was discontinued. Our faculty found it too complex and difficult to use, and it did not live up to a number of its promises.
  • Q10 : What is the plan for the Faculty Information System for the future? 
    We will use a refurbished and somewhat enhanced version of the “old FIS” as a bridge solution for the 2017 and 2018 annual reports. Then we will do further evaluation and planning for a longer term solution that fits the needs of Rice’s faculty and administration.

    Q11 : What will happen to the information I entered in 2016 in FARIS
    The information has been preserved. However, you will not see it in the FIS at this time, pending a decision on the system to be used for 2021 and beyond.  If you need a copy of your 2016 FARIS annual report, send a request to

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