How do I modify Proofpoint Spam Protection Policy?

Use the following instructions to modify your Proofpoint Profile: Spam-Quarantined and Low-Priority Mail-Quarantined settings

Log into the Proofpoint Web Application.

In the lower left corner, click Profile.

If you select Quarantine Spam Only  (Deliver Low-Priority Mail), your Low-Priority Mail will be delivered to your Inbox. 
Optional:  Additionally, you can use WebSieve to redirect Low-Priority Mail to folders. 


Optional:  Use WebSieve to redirect Low-Priority Mail (if Quarantine Spam only is selected)

Login to WebSieve

Edit filter rule:


Else if  > any of >the following matches

if message header >                                                      X-Proofpoint-Tag     contains         lowpriority


File into>                       Name of folder

Select "Save Changes"


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