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Using a Linux Shell and SSH/SFTP to Access

Using SSH to access

WARNING: is a legacy server.  The old web pages are deprecated.  

DO NOT continue to point to web pages at  DO NOT continue to update web pages here. 

NOTE:  This direct SSH will work either from an on-campus network, or when connected via VPN
Using a Linux Shell and SSH/SFTP to

To upload and download files from, use the following SFTP command

put local_file_to_server.txt
get remote_file_from_server.txt

Begin an SSH session
  • Enter the SSH command shown above. Entering this command will show a confirmation for the server's fingerprint. Type "yes" * to continue.

  • Next enter your password. (Note: it will appear as if nothing is happening as you type your password, this is normal.)

  • Once you are into the system, you will be at your home directory, where you can manipulate files and folders.

  • To exit, type "exit" * and press enter.

Using SFTP to Upload and Download Files/Folders
  • Open another terminal or Linux shell and change directories to your local directory.

  • Use the SFTP command listed above to gain access to, then type in your password

  • Now you can use the PUT and GET commands to upload and download files/folders to respectively. In this example, I uploaded a generic text file called "test_file" and I downloaded the current contents of my public_html folder to my local directory. To exit the session, once again, type "exit" *.

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