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Karamba 1.2.2

This document contains instructions for installing Karamba (Rhino Plug-in).

Instructions to Install Karamba

Step 1: Download Karamba from this Rice Box.

  • Note: Download/install Grasshopper before installing Karamba. Download Grasshopper from this Rice Box.

Select Karamba from the Box to download.

When The Karamba Wizard Panel opens, click next.

Step 2: Choose Trial/Pro/Pro-1-year/Pro-Student. Then, click next.

Step 3: Choose Use Imperial Units instead of SI Then, click next. .

Step 4: Download the provided Karamba_1_x_x.rhp and copy it into the Plugins folder of the Rhino 5 installation. The path is typically as follows: C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\Plug-ins

  • Note: Check your Rhino installation path.

Step 5: Check that karamba.dll is in the c:\windows directory. If not, copy it there. It can be downloaded here

Step 6: Open Rhino and open the Plug-ins Manager in Rhino Options (Tools/Options/Rhino Options/Plug-ins). Click on Install and select the Karamba_1_x_x.rhp file from the Plug-ins Folder.

Step 7: A window will pop up to initiate the plugin. Select the Network Node and enter your Zoo server name in the Use the following Zoo Server: Select Test Connectivity and another window will pop up to confirm a successful license installation.

Automating Karamba 

The Karamba license can simply be loaded by typing karamba each time Rhino loads, but this process can be automated in the Tools/Options/Rhino Options/General path. 

Step 1: Type "Karamba" into the Command Lists textbox. The license will then be automatically loaded upon opening Rhino.
  • Note: If you fail to do this, Karamba will load in trial mode rather than student mode.

Step 2: The Karamba license should now be successfully installed and all functions of the Student version are available. To check this, place a Karamba License component onto the Grasshopper canvas and plug it into a Panel.

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