Installing the VMWare Horizon Client on Your Computer

This KB article contains instructions to install the Horizon client, how to configure the horizon client post install, and some best practices.
For Windows Computers
  1. Open a web browser, and go to You will need to use DUO two-factor authentication. If you've never used DUO, you will need to enroll in DUO via MyNetID. The "Duo Push" option to a mobile phone DUO app is the recommended option.

  2. Install the VMWare Horizon Client. 
    install vmware horizon client

  3. This will download the current approved version of the horizon client, Version 2111.  

  4. Locate the saved file on your system and double-click the file to open it.

  5. Allow the app to make changes to your device:
    <img src="" title="allow app to make changes" alt="allow app to make changes" width="400" "="" style="">

  6. Review the privacy and license agreement and "Agree & Install":
    license agreement

  7. You will need to restart the computer to complete the installation.

  8. After you reboot the computer, you will see the VMware Horizon Client icon on your desktop. You can also search your Start Menu for "vmware."
    Dekstop icon - PC

  9. Double-click the VMWare Horizon client to launch it.

  10. Double-click on "Add Server":
    add server

  11. Enter the name of the connection server,, and then click "Connect":
    connection server

Adjusting Display and Autoconnect Settings

Before accessing your available desktops, it is recommended that you adjust your settings to ensure efficient use of your local display screen resolution and access to all of the different lab systems. The steps below describe how to adjust the system display settings on your local computer (PC and Mac) and what systems automatically connect when starting your VMware Horizon client. Each of these settings should be set for each Pool Desktop (Orange Cloud) available in your VMware Client menu.
Disable Autoconnect to Desktop
The Horizon Client will default to using the Autoconnect setting and re-establish a connection to the last systems it connected. It is recommended to disable this setting to allow for selecting the system or lab pool to manually click and establish a connection. 
For Windows Computers:
1. Right-click on the Pool and click on "Settings."
PC 1
2. Uncheck the box for "Autoconnect to this desktop."
 For Mac Computers:
1. Right-click on the Pool and click on "Settings."
2. Uncheck the box for "Autoconnect to this desktop."
Select a Display
The Horizon Client's default setting is "all monitors."  It is recommended to use “Window - Large” or “Fullscreen” mode for most systems.
For Windows Computers:
Right-click on the Pool, select “Display” and then select “Fullscreen.”
PC 3
For Mac Computers:
1. Right-click on the Pool and select "Settings."
2. Click the Display tab, then change the Full Screen to "Use Single Display."

 Best Practices Information for Windows and Mac Systems. 

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