Enrolling a System in Active Directory and SCCM

The follow contains different instructions for enrolling a system in the Active Directory Domain and SCCM.

The following contains different instructions depending on your situation.  To install the security agents manually, go to the end of this page for those instructions.  If the computer is not managed by SCCM, the computer will need to join Rice Domain first, then install the SCCM client.  After the SCCM client is installed, FireEye should auto-install the next day.  Keep the computer connected to the Rice network.  The Tenable agent might auto-install if applicable.

How to join a computer to Rice Domain

1.     Go to Control Panel

2.     Open System Properties

3.     Go to Advanced System Settings

4.     Click on “Computer Name”

5.     Click on “Change”

6.     Click on Domain

7.     Type “ad.rice.edu” in the field


8.     Click “OK”

9.     Enter AD credentials

10.  Restart the computer


Install SCCM Client

1.     Copy SCCM Client from \\rnas.rice.edu\software\win\microsoft\SCCM\current to local computer.

2.     Open the Admin command prompt and navigate to the SCCM client directory.

3.     Run “instllsccmclient.bat”

4.     After installation, verify SCCM client is installed by going to the control panel

5.     Start “Configuration Manager”

6.     Look at the “General” tab.  Make sure client certification says PKI .  This may take 5-10mins for the PKI to show.



Manually install agents


1.     Copy folder from \\rnas\software\Win\FireEye to local computer

2.     Run install.bat with admin credentials

Tenable Nessus

1.     Copy folder from \\rnas\software\Win\Tenable to local computer

2.     Open Admin command prompt and run the bat file for your OS.

a.     Windows 10, Server 64bit – install-v2.bat

b.     Windows 10, Server 32bit – install32-v2.bat

3.     Verify agent is communicating to server

a.     Open admin command prompt

b.     Go to “c:\program files\Tenable\Nessus Agent\”

c.      Enter command “nessuscli.exe agent status”.  It should be linked to agent-sso.rice.edu:8834 or agent-sso-ext.rice.edu:4433


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