Windows 10 Self-Service Upgrade to Windows 10, Build 1803 Instructions

This document explains how to perform the Windows-in place upgrade Rice-owned workstations to the latest version of Windows 10. These instructions apply to 64-bit systems.

Instructions to perform the upgrade:

       >>>>>   You can perform this upgrade off-campus using VPN. We do not recommend doing this over a wireless network.  <<<<<

  • Before you begin: 
    • Save your work and close all applications.
    • Remove/disconnect all external storage (USB flash media, SD cards, etc.)
    • You must be connected to the wired network
    • You must be connected to the AC power source.
    • Your computer must be joined to the ADRICE domain.
    • Even though data will be migrated, we strongly recommend backing up your data to external storage device, Box, Google Drive, or Crashplan before upgrading. 
  1. The Windows 10 upgrade is launched from the Software Center.
  2. To open the software center, click on your start button and browse to Microsoft System Center -> Configuration Manager. Click on Software Center to open.
  3. Once the Software Center opens you will be presented with a list of available applications.
  4. On the left hand menu, click on Operating Systems.
  5. Click on “CS - Upgrade Windows 10 1803 In-Place”.
  6. At the next screen click on the Install button.
  7. Verify that you receive the following message. It should state that this is an upgrade and that your current programs and data will be migrated to Windows 10.
  8. Click on the install button to begin the upgrade. This may take several hours and your computer will reboot several times throughout the process.

  9. When it is complete the computer will come up to a login screen.
  10. Things you will notice following the upgrade:

    • Microsoft Edge is set as the default web browser.
    • Microsoft Edge is set as the default .pdf viewer.
    • Desktop icons have been rearranged.
    • The first time a Microsoft Office program is launched in Windows 10, the Office suite will reconfigure itself for the new operating system. This should complete automatically within a few minutes.

    If you are experiencing issues or are seeing messages in Windows 10 that you do not understand, please contact the OIT Help Desk, 713-348-4357 or email: 

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