Installing Windows 10 Patches and Feature Updates Through Microsoft Software Center

Microsoft Windows 10 patches and Feature Updates to managed Windows 10 systems will be handled through the Microsoft Software Center.
The computer will need to be connected to the Rice Network through a Wired connection, Rice Owls Wireless network, or through VPN.  The Feature update will not show up if the computer is not connected to the Rice network. 
To install patches or a Feature Update:
1. Go to Start Menu

2. Click on Microsoft Endpoint Manager -> Software Center 
3. Click on the Updates section on the left hand side of the window. 

Software Center default view

4. Software and Operating System Feature Updates will be listed here.Software Center Updates view
5. Clicking on the update will take you to the Update Details section. Selecting Update for installation
6. The Install button will start the installations of updates after confirmation windows come up and install is pressed. (The text within the prompt may vary depending on which updates are selected.)
 Confirming update installation
6. The Schedule button takes you to a window where you can select to install the update(s) immediately or after business hours and automatically restart when the update is finished.  Some updates will require a restart.  If the "Restart automatically" option is not selected, you will be prompted to restart when the update(s) installation is finished.
 Scheduling restart 
7. The default business hours are set to 8 AM to 5 PM.  You can adjust these hours by going to the options section of the Software Center. 
Software Center Options view
8. For Required Updates only: After selecting to install or upon reaching the install deadline for the Required Update, the package will be downloaded to the system and the installation will begin in the background.  When the system is ready to be restarted to finish the installation, you will be informed of the pending restart and given the option to restart immediately or to wait until the installation deadline. It is recommended that you start before the deadline to minimize potential work interruptions. 
Snoozing updates
For Feature Updates, the installation time will depend on which version of Windows 10 you are currently running.  Older versions will require more time to install.  The estimated time for all versions will be at least 1 hour, potentially 2. 

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