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New VPN Service

Posted: 08:38:24, Saturday, Aug 4, 2018   Expiration: 08:38:24, Saturday, Sep 15, 2018  

Effective: August 1 - New VPN Service: Two-Factor Authentication (Duo) and VPN / For more information - enter 82263 in the "Search" feature of the Rice KnowledgeBase.

Our current virtual private network, or VPN, service is no longer able to support modern computers and mobile devices (VPN is a service that allows secure access to Rice-only electronic resources from off campus locations).


We have been preparing a replacement for the past twelve months, working with a growing number of pilot users from around campus to help us move forward.  We are happy to announce that our new VPN service, based on Cisco AnyConnect, is ready for the campus.  It will be available on August 1, 2018.


The new VPN service supports current operating systems, including recent versions of Macintosh and Microsoft Windows, as well as mobile devices like Apple iPads, Apple iPhones, Microsoft Surface, Android devices, and Google Chromebooks.  In addition, it will require multifactor authentication with Duo.  This will help prevent attackers with stolen accounts from accessing our network remotely.

We will continue to provide the old VPN service through October 31, 2018.  After that, VPN access will require AnyConnect and Duo.  If you have questions, need help migrating to the new system, or setting up Duo please contact the Help Desk at #4357 or at helpdesk@rice.edu.

Information on using Duo and the new VPN service can be found here:


Two-Factor Authentication (Duo) and VPN:


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