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SERVICE UPDATE: Keep Zoom Updated (current version 5.12.9)

Posted: 02:37:13, Thursday, Jan 5, 2023   Expiration: 22:37:13, Thursday, Jan 26, 2023  

Update Zoom to the latest version 5.12.9 to utilize new accessibility features.

Please keep your Zoom clients updated to ensure you have the latest security functions and newest features.

The latest client has new accessibility features- participants can now turn on live automated captions themselves (without the two-step set up process). Automated captions are now also available in breakout rooms! Encourage colleagues and students to utilize captions as they are vital to people with disabilities and proven to assist with learning for all users.  (Read more about it and other captioning updates from WebAIM https://webaim.org/blog/captioning-interpretation-in-zoom/)

Read the Upgrading Zoom help article. If you have questions, contact the OIT Help Desk.

-- Rice U: Liz Brigman

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