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SECURITY: Enhancing Email Security Through Proofpoint URL Defense (started April 6)

Posted: 18:53:56, Tuesday, Mar 22, 2022   Expiration: 18:53:56, Wednesday, Apr 27, 2022  

On April 6, Rice OIT enabled a new resource to enhance security technologies to protect the campus from email threats (phishing and targeted attacks emailed to our community to trick people into disclosing their Rice network credentials).

These scam messages and linked websites often look legitimate by using Rice logos, valid email and URL addresses, and other contact information. A new tool, Proofpoint URL Defense, automatically checks emails and block access to linked malicious websites.

Links and certain other commonly clickable text in all email messages are evaluated to determine if they lead back to phishing or malware websites.  Links within received emails are rewritten and prefixed with https://urldefense.com allowing Proofpoint to sandbox and evaluate the destination against known threats.  Clicking the rewritten link will cause URL Defense to evaluate the linked website a second time. If the link is safe, you will be directed to the site. If it is malicious, you will be presented with a "Web Site Has Been Blocked" notification in your browser. Note: If you believe a legitimate link has been blocked, contact the OIT Help Desk. Learn more in the article, Proofpoint URL Defense.

-- Rice U: Liz Brigman

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