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Phishing Email | Subject: Confirm your mailbox

Posted: 21:15:24, Sunday, Apr 28, 2019   Expiration: 21:15:24, Sunday, May 5, 2019

The following phishing email with the subject: Confirm your mailbox has been reported. Do not respond or click on the link in this message. If you run across these emails, please delete them. If you inadvertently responded to this email, change your NetID password. For further assistance, contact the OIT Help Desk, 713-348-4357 or email: helpdesk@rice.edu

Dear Rice University KB Webmail User,

Your account is out of date with your webmail address in the list of frauds.
In the case of your security and interest, your account will be blocked until
it is verified.

Please click on the following link

[link was here]

Update your email address and increase your storage capacity.
Our team always helps fight fraud and spam
Note: This is a warning message.

Thank you for using Rice University KB webmail

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