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How to Setup Vacation Settings or Email Forwarding for Rice Email (Cyrus Mail Users)

This document details vacation settings as well as how to setup email forwarding for faculty, staff, and graduate students for email (using Cyrus mail servers).
Step 1:  Faculty, Staff,  and Graduate Students: Log in to your WebTools to manage your vacation settings at Once logged in, select WebSieve.

Select the
Step 2:  This will take you to SmartSieve (also known as WebSieve) where you will be prompted for your NetID and Password.
Enter your NetID and Password to log in to SmartSieve. 
Step 3:  Once logged in, click on Vacation Settings.

Click on the  
Step 4: Under the Vacation Settings, edit the vacation message. Click Save Changes. To enable the new message, click Enabled.

Vacation Messaging Box
Select the number of days between "vacation email responses"
This option allows you to set the frequency of your vacation email responses. For X number of days between responses, someone emailing you multiple times during your vacation period will only receive an automatic reply once every X days. For example: Setting days between responses to "2" days: If someone emails you every day, they only will receive this vacation response every 2 days.
You have the option to select the number of days between responses from the dropdown.
(Setting Websieve rule for the first time)
Enter the email address(es) that this Websieve rule will apply to and then select the email address to which this rule will apply. These email addresses are the ones you wish to send vacation email responses from if you receive an email to those addresses.
(In this example, All e-mail addresses were selected, and the NetID and 2 vanity email addresses were added to reflect the days between responses. 
You will be asked to select which addresses to apply the webseive rule to.  
Step 5: This rule is enabled when you see the green checkmark. Be sure your rule is both saved, and Enabled. 

Once you enable the rule, you will see the message

Step 6:  Log out if you have completed SmartSieve processes.
Click the log out icon in the top right corner of the page once you have finished. 

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