Duo: Using Duo while Traveling

Duo is a security authentication tool that adds an additional layer of protection to online accounts. This document provides information about using Duo while traveling.


Duo offers multiple options to meet your needs when traveling. It is suggested that you enroll in any device you plan on using before your trip.


  • Even without cellular service or a WiFi connection, you may use the Duo Mobile app to generate a passcode that you can use for authentication. Simply choose the  Enter a Passcode option when you get the Duo authentication prompt. To generate the passcode, open the Duo Mobile app on your phone and tap the button with the Key symbol.

    If you are unable to have a smartphone during your travel, it is possible to get 10 one-time-use bypass codes that you can use for Duo Security authentication for the duration of your trip. You can generate these by going to your Online Account Management System, selecting Two-Factor Authentication on the left menu, and select Generate Bypass Codes at the bottom of the page. Each time you click this button, new codes will be generated and previous codes are invalidated.

    If you have cellular service or a WiFi connection, then you can simply use whatever authentication technique you normally use. The push, passcode, and phone options all work out of the country. You can even add an international phone number as one of your authentication options.


The Duo app and hardware tokens are subject to export control regulations. According to federal export control regulations, the Duo app and hardware tokens may not be transported or sent to embargoed nations identified by the U.S. State Department. 

Sanctions Programs and Country Information

Here is a dated list from August 2019:

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Venezuela

If you are traveling to any of those countries, delete or uninstall the Duo app from any devices you will take with you, and do not take Duo hardware tokens with you.

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