Box at Rice University - Getting Started for New Users

This document provides a general overview of getting started with Box at Rice University.


Box at Rice University is an enterprise cloud-based storage and collaboration service that allows you to invite Rice colleagues and non-Rice colleagues to share files and folders in an online work space designed to access your files anywhere from any device with Internet access. Additionally, you can create unique links, set passwords, expiration date to retrieve, to any file or folder as a replacement to sending large email attachments.It is important to consider the contents of the information stored there. 

When using Box as a collaborative space for protected information including information classified as confidential or sensitive by Rice Policy 808, or information regulated through federal, state, or local laws or other information regulated by third party agreement, see the Box User Guidelines - Rice Data

Login to Box

Step 1:  Launch web browser. Point your browser to: 
Select: Continue

Log in to Box

Step 2: Login to Box with  Rice NetID and Password, select

Shib Login

Uploading Your Content to Box

Box offers several options for uploading individual files, multiple files, and entire folders to your account. For more information, see the
Uploading Your Content to Box

Collaborate on Files

A collaborator is an individual who has been invited to share a file or a folder. Collaboration invites are a great way to share content for long term projects. You can invite people to a folder and monitor updates over time. When a user is added to a folder as a collaborator, the folder will appear in their All Files page. If you send a collaboration invitation to a person without a Box account, that person will be prompted to sign up with Box before being able to access the content. For more information about collaboration or sharing.

Two primary ways to share content with colleagues and other associates: 1- by inviting existing Box users to folders, or  2. by sending shared links

For more information on Collaborate on Files

Replace Email Chains with Comments and Links

For more information on Replace Email Chains with Comments and Tasks

About Box Sync - Box Sync is a productivity tool that allows you to mirror data stored on Box to your desktop You can then navigate and modify content stored on the Box website through your computer's native file browsing interface, without using a web browser.  Content that syncs down to your computer available for offline access. 

More information - About Box Sync

Download Box Sync and Edit 

Box Sync is a productivity tool that allows you to mirror data stored on Box to your desktop for offline access.  If you make changes to your synced files locally, these changes automatically sync back up to your Box Account.

Install Box Sync
Before you install Box Sync, see system requirements for Mac and Windows operating systems.
For installation information, Install Box Sync

Open and Edit with Box Edit

Box Edit is an add-on feature that allows you to open and edit files store in Box. Designed for all file types, browsers, and platforms.  Box Edit uses the default application installed on your computer to open and edit files: docx files open in Microsoft Word; pptx files open in Microsoft PowerPoint, etc. 

For more information:  Opening and Editing Files with Box Edit

Saving Files to Box with Box Edit

After editing a file using Box Edit, simply save your changes in the native application.  All changes will be saved back to Box automatically as a new version of the file. 

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