Rice Google Calendar FAQ

Basic FAQ for Google Calendar

For general Google Calendar instructions, Google  Calendar documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my Rice Google Calendar differ from my personal Google account calendar?

The main difference is who else can see your calendar. Your personal calendar can probably be viewed by your friends and family. Your Rice Google calendar will only be visible to people who log in with a rice.edu account.

Did you know that Google has turned on "setting working hours" capabilities?

For configuration information on "enable" or "disabling" this feature:  https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/7638168

Do I need VPN to connect from home or while traveling?

 No .  Your Rice Google calendar is accessed by your rice.edu login, but you don't have to be on the Rice network or connected by VPN to login. As always, be cautious of using public computers for any Rice system or account login because public computers are popular targets for ID theft.

Can I use the calendar on my phone or iPad, Surface, laptop, etc.?

Yes. Mobile devices with Internet access can be used to manage your Rice Google calendar.

Can I accept the terms of service for someone else? (Example: I already manage an executive's calendar.).

Each person must accept the Terms of Service in MyNetID for their own NetID.

Can I manage our conference room or other rooms?

There are several ways to set up room reservation management in Google Calendar.

  1. "open" rooms, also known as shared Resource Calendars can be seen and invited to a meeting by anyone with a rice.edu account, but a room manager can decline invitations on behalf of the room (the IT Mudd Conference room is set up like this).
  2. "private" rooms are actually set up as sub-calendars under a department member.  No one can see the room unless the room manager invites them to a meeting on that room's calendar (the VPIT Conference room is set up like this).

Getting started


Go to Google Calendar and log in with your NetID@rice.edu and the NetID or Google password you set up in MyNetID. (Read about which password to use.)

Add some events

Click the tiny down-arrow to the right of your new schedule's name and select 'Display only this calendar.' Now, anywhere you click in the calendar proper, you'll create a new event on that schedule. As you create an event, click 'Edit event details' to see more options.

Share your calendar

Click the tiny down-arrow to the right of your new schedule's name and select 'Share this calendar.' Now you can choose to share just this schedule with specific people, with all Rice users, or with the world. Click 'Save' and then click the tiny down-arrow to the right of your new schedule's name to select 'Calendar settings.' Click the XML, iCal, or HTML icons on the settings page to get URLs for your schedule's possible formats.

Embed your calendar on the web

If you click the HTML icon on the settings page of a shared schedule, you will be given the option to use a configuration tool to embed a calendar widget you can put onto a web site. Note that Google sites can embed Google calendars directly.

More Helpful Tips

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