Proofpoint Encryption

Encrypting your Rice email. How to make Proofpoint ENCRYPT your outgoing message that contains confidential data

Proofpoint secure email messages

Step 1:

From your default email client (or, enter the non-Rice email address(s). On the subject line enter:  [encrypt] Your Subject Title

Step 2:
You will receive an email (as shown below). Create an account by clicking on the link "Click Here"
Account Creation

Step 3:

You will then fill in the information and hit "Continue"
Fill in

Step 4:
You will then be able to see the message

Changing your Password

Step 1:

Click on the link "Click Here" on your secure message

Click Here

Step 2:

Click on "Forgot Password"

Forgot Password

Step 3:

Provide answer to the security questions you initially provided and click "continue"

Security Question

Step 4:

Enter a new password, confirm and hit "Continue"

New Password

You will then be directed to your secure message