How to Send from Rice Gmail Alias

This page will guide you through changing your sent-from email address in Rice Gmail. This will change the appearance of the email address in the 'from' field on sent emails. One recommended use for this feature is making a more professional alias than the standard format, for example,

This guide will show you how to add your sent-from email address in Rice Gmail.

Login to your Rice Gmail account, then find the Gear icon and select Settings

Choose Accounts and Send Mail as:

Select "Add another email address you own" and another window will pop up where you type in the alias address and select the Next Step button. 

Send yourself a Verification message.

When the Verification message arrives, click the link inside.

That will seal the deal and you'll get a confirmation screen like this:

Log back into your Rice Gmail account and select the Gear icon, then go to Account and Settings, you'll see your alias and your NetID addresses.