Endpoint On and Off-Boarding

Below is a comprehensive checklist of on-boarding and off-boarding activities for Rice University technology needs.



As we welcome new members of the Rice community, the Rice KB offers detailed information on getting started based on your role.  

OIT does not own or distribute computer hardware or peripherals. Each department is responsible for the purchase and allocation of computer equipment and any software that is not site-licensed.

Off-Boarding Checklist

As members of the Rice community transition from their role as employees, faculty, students, visitors, contractors, or retirees, or transition from one department to another, it is important that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Rice resources be considered.

Advanced planning prior to the date of transition for the changes that will occur will ensure the best experience for the customer and the department.

This off-boarding checklist serves as a guide and is meant to assist departments, managers, and employees in protecting Rice University data as well as coordinating access to information resources.


Each department is responsible for the collection, safe transition of data, asset disposal, and transfer of ownership of all Rice-owned devices.

All computers transitioning for personal use or disposal will need to be securely erased (OIT has a tool for this purpose) and Rice licensed software removed. 

For PCs transitioning for personal use, this includes removal of the Windows Operating System Enterprise license. Please note that if the person receiving this device is a current Rice employee or student, software may be available for purchase / download using Rice on the Hub. A KB article is below with instructions is below that outlines eligibility and how to purchase/download software. https://kb.rice.edu/65161


Customers may need to provide access to data from cloud-based storage (Box, Google, OneDrive, etc.) or local files to ensure the department and / or collaborators have uninterrupted access to needed information. Many cloud-based solutions allow employees to easily manage transfer of ownership. For other change requests or for any questions / concerns, please contact the OIT Help Desk.

Other Considerations:


If the employee is owner of any Forms, Surveys, or an instructor in a Canvas course, ownership can be modified in the respective tools (Qualtrics, Google Forms, Canvas, etc.).  If the employee owns/uses specialized/purchased software, contact procurement or the OIT Help Desk to coordinate modification of ownership or to install on another computer.


Continued access to Rice University email depends on your role at the university. Details of the workflows and role-based explanations are available in the Rice KB. https://kb.rice.edu/75866

In most cases, email access will end upon termination or departure date. The mailbox will then be permanently removed from the system during OIT’s scheduled deletion cycle unless required for business continuity.

Other Considerations:

Account Access and Credentials

The account closure process depends on your role at the university. Details of the workflows and role-based explanations are available in the Rice KB. https://kb.rice.edu/75866

Other Considerations:

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