Cisco VoIP Portal

You can customize your phone options using the Cisco Unified Communications Self Care Portal

 ** First-time Login:  you will be prompted to create a PIN.  This will be used for login to your Personal Directory on your phone.

Cisco VoIP Phone Portal  
You must be on the Rice Network to login to this portal. 
After you have setup your account, you can find this link under the (Rice Network Only) Login module.

Create a PIN (First-time users only)

Set  PIN

Enter your NetID and NetID Password > select Login


Cisco VoIP Portal (Unified Communications Self Care Portal)

There are the 3 tabs in this portal:


My Phones

VoIP Portal

Single Number Reach (options if configured for your phone)
- Select the option and Save

Single Number Reach

Phone Settings
Speed Dial Numbers  - use this feature to add speed dial numbers

add speed dial

  • To 'Add a phone extension', select the 'Add New Speed Dial' and enter information

add phone extension

  • To 'Add an external number', select the 'Add New Speed Dial' and enter information

add external phone

  • In the portal, you will see a list of Speed Dial phone numbers

speed dial list in portal

  • On the Cisco phone display, you will see the following.  
  • Speed dial position 1 and 2 are indicated on the right.
  • To see more 'speed dial' numbers, select the 'down navigation'

Call History
  • Use this 'Call History' feature to activate/deactive missed call log

call history

Phone Contacts
  • Use this 'Phone Contacts' feature to add 'Personal Contacts'

Before you begin, go to General Settings > Phone Services PIN and set PIN.

Enter PIN to start adding Personal Address Book entries for your phone.

add contacts

On the Cisco phone, before you can use the Personal Directory functionality, you must set the Phone Seselect the 'Contacts' icon to retrieve information and call contact from Personal and Corporate Directory


Select 'Personal Directory', then, select 'Enter' button on phone

personal directory

Select 'Personal Address Book', then, select 'Enter' button on phone

personal address book

Search Personal Address Book for contact information, scroll down to find either " Last Name, First Name or Nickname",
Select 'Submit' below the phone display:


Select "Sammy",


Select the phone number to 'Dial'


Call Forwarding

This feature allows you to set up Call Forwarding
  • Forward all calls to Voicemail or another number
  • Advanced calling rules - how to handle 'internal calls' and 'external calls'. Select the option, and select 'Save'

call forwarding

General Settings
Phone Services PIN - need to set this PIN in order to setup Personal Directory only.  
Voicemail - this information was provided when your VoIP was setup.  Call the Help Desk from your office for further assistance with Voicemail.

Phone Services PIN

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