Accounts and Access for Inactive Students

Services un/available for students post-graduation

Inactive Accounts:  When students graduate in May, their student status becomes "Inactive" which means most Rice University systems and services are no longer accessible.  If you forget your password prior to deletion, you will not be able to reset the password and IT will not be able to reset this account password.

Email works for a few more months.  

Back-up / Change Owners of Google Drive 

You should plan your departure, when your Rice GSuite for Education account is deleted, any files you own or share will be lost. Take steps to backup or change ownership (especially if you share them Rice department). 

Stops working:

Services that require both Authorization (Active or Inactive status in LDAP) and Authentication (NetID/password verification) will fail.  This includes but is not limited to services, sites and apps like:

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