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Google Groups lets you communicate with colleagues by sharing a common email address. Use Groups to create mailing lists, create a Collaborative Inbox, share files with team members, and more.

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Google Group Types 

Group TypeDescription
Email List This is the most common type of Google Group, and is used when the group is mainly used for communication e.g. an email distribution list
Collaborative InboxThis type of group allows the distribution and tracking of messages e.g. for a customer services or help desk forum. Responsibility for topics can be assigned to specific group members and topics can be marked as resolved once they have been completed successfully.
Web Forum This type of group should be created when the group will only communicate via a forum front-end of the group, and not by email.
Q & A ForumThis is a Question and Answer group, similar to an online help forum, where the front-end is used to ask questions which other group members answer.