Canvas: Roles and Permissions

What roles and permissions are available in Canvas?

In Canvas at Rice University, permissions allow users to access certain features and perform certain functions. Roles are essentially collections of permissions set at the system, campus, school, and department levels (i.e., roles cannot be modified by instructors).

A user's permissions are determined by the role(s) the user is assigned. Roles and their permissions are cumulative. Consequently, if you add someone to your course site multiple times, assigning that person a different role each time, he or she will have the combined permissions of each role you assigned. 

Important: Users in the Teacher, TA, and Grader roles can view and edit student grade information. Any Non-Rice user who will hold one of these roles must complete the FERPA Tutorial and submit the Rice University Instructor:Teaching Assistant Agreement before being assigned to the role in Canvas. The document needed for a Non-Rice TA is linked at: RiceUniversityInstructor:TeachingAssistantAgreement.docx

Following are the course roles currently available at Rice:
 Teacher For instructors and assistants who need full access to the Canvas features for instruction
 LibrarianAssistants who need access to the tools necessary to assist in managing course content. Has limited ability to interact with students and has no access to grades or grading. 
 TAHas access to all Canvas features for instruction, with exception to managing announcements and moderating outcomes and grades.   
 Non-grading TAFor teaching assistants who do not need the ability to grade.  
 GraderFor individuals who will be grading items in Canvas. The Grader role is based on the TA role, but has more limited permissions enabled. Graders can view all course content including assignments, quizzes, and discussions; however, unlike users in the TA role, Graders cannot edit course content.
 DesignerFor instructional designers (and staff with similar responsibilities) who write and manage course content, but do not actually teach courses or grade student work
 StudentFor students officially enrolled in the course only. 
 ObserverFor users who have no official role in the course, but who are observing a student's behavior and progress in a course. For more information see What is the Observer Role in the Canvas Guides.

For specific permissions see below: 

Add, edit, and delete events on the course calendar NO YESNO YES YES YESNO 
Add/remove other teachers, course designers, or TAs to the course NONONONOYESNONO 
Add/remove students from the course NOYESNO YESYESYES NO 
Change course status NONONO NOYESYESNO 
Create and edit assessing rubrics NO YESNO NO YESYESNO 
Create student collaborations NOYESNO YES YESYESNO 
Create web conferencesNOYESNO YESYESYESNO 
Manage (add/edit/delete) assignments and quizzes NOYESNOYESYESYESNO 
Manage (add/edit/delete) course files NOYESNOYESYESYESYES
Manage (add/edit/delete) pages NOYESNO YESYESYESYES
Manage (add/edit/delete) course sections NO NONO NOYESYESNO 
Manage (add/edit/delete) groups NOYESNOYESYESYESNO 
Manage alerts NO NONO NOYES NONO 
Manage all other course content NOYESNOYESYESYESYES
Manage learning outcomes NO NONO NOYESYESNO 
Moderate grades NO NONO NOYES NONO 
Moderate discussions (delete/edit other's posts, lock topics) NOYESNOYESYESYESNO 
See the list of usersYESYESYESYESYESYES NO 
Send messages to individual course membersYESYESYESYESYESYESNO 
Send messages to the entire class NOYESYESYESYESYESNO 
View all grades NOYESYES NOYES NONO 
View all students' submissions and make comments on them NOYESYES NOYESYESNO  
View analytics pages NOYESYESYESYESNO NO 
View and link to question banks NOYESYESYESYESYESNO 
View the group pages of all student groups NOYESYESYESYESYES NO 
View usage reports for the course NOYESYESYESYESNO NO