Canvas: Change Course Landing Page

This document explains options for your course landing page and how to set it up to your specifications

Your course home page in Canvas was set to be the Recent Activity page until July 15, 2017. After that date, Canvas automatically sets your course home, or landing page, to be the Modules section of your course. Below is the instructor view of the Modules set as the front page if you do not have Modules. 

modules as homepage

If you do not use Modules, or would prefer another option, you can set your home page to be the Recent Activity Dashboard, Course Modules, the Assignment List, the Syllabus, or customize your own home page by using Pages Front Page.

**Please note: If you are now using Modules, the student view of the default Home Page is:
Student View homepage set as Modules
Recent Activity Dashboard:
Setting your home page as Recent Activity Dashboard, or Course Activity Stream, allows students quickly see what is going on in the course. The most recent announcements, assignment due dates are posted there.

Course Modules:
Using Course Modules as your home page allows you to guide and direct students in the order you want them to proceed through the course. Modules create a more structured approach to guiding students to the materials, lessons, and activities to complete.

Assignment List:
Using the Assignment List as the front page would show students their most recent as well as upcoming assignments.

In Canvas, you can customize your syllabus to communicate your expectations and goals with your students. The syllabus is automatically populated with the assignments and events in the course.  If you want to get fancy, you can create a button syllabus to guide students through the course.

Pages Front Page:
Finally, Canvas offers is for you to create a customized page and set that as your course home page. This option allows for maximum customization and creativity. On the front page you can describe your course, add pictures and links to other pages, files, modules, discussions, or any area in your course.