Canvas: Compare tools to OWL-Space

Learning management systems are similar, but not exactly the same. Find out what your favorite OWL-Space tool are called in Canvas.

 Announcements Posting an announcement to the class Announcements 
 Assignments Private coursework submission and grading Assignments
 Blog  Individual student blogs
 Chat Room  Real-time message posting  chat
 Classrooms Viewing class time, location & room technology n/a
 Communications folder Using CAIN project resources in your course n/a
 Drop Box  Private file sharing between instructors and students  Several options available
 Email  Emailing one or more course members Conversations/inbox
 Email Archive  Course email address Mailing Lists
 External Tool  LTI connection to external tools Settings> Apps
 Forums  Posting topics and responses Discussions 
 Gradebook  Posting grades Grades 
 Lessons  Building and displaying sequenced learning materials Modules 
 Messages  Private messages to one or more group members Conversations/ Inbox 
 News  Displaying RSS content Announcements> Add external feed
 Podcasts  Distributing media Discussions >Enable Podcast feed
 Polls  Collecting feedback from students Quizzes> Surveys
 PostEm  Posting spreadsheet data to individual students n/a
 Resources  Posting documents Files 
 Roster  Site member list People 
 Schedule  For posting deadlines, events, etc Calendar
 Search Searching course content n/a 
 Section Info Managing sections within the course Settings>sections
 Sign-up Online registration for events, office hours, etc  Calendar> Scheduler
 Site Info Course site setup
 Statistics  Site statistics Course Analytics  Course Stats
 Syllabus Posting a summary, outline, requirements, etc.  Syllabus 
 Tests & Quizzes Quizzes, Exams and Surveys  Quizzes
 Web Content Linking to external website Settings > Apps > Redirect Tool 
 Wiki Collaborative authoring of content Pages

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