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What is the difference between Assignments and quizzes in Canvas?

Speedgrader is a great tool in Canvas. It allows a quick grading of students submission. But it functions a bit illogically. Let me explain, first, my logic. The Speedgrader (Crocodoc to be exact) can annotate the text submissions - typed into Canvas or uploaded - when submitted via the Assignments tool. My logic tells me that the same will happen on the quiz submissions.

Canvas Guides - How do I use Crocodoc in Canvas assignments?

Here you see a student submission, looking at it as an instructor. You see how you can choose the style of comments. This is very useful.
An assignment opened in Speedgrader

What about similar text submission or document uploaded to a quiz? It's not so easy as you see below. There is no commenting enabled for quiz submission in either format, document upload or text input.
Quiz grading options

We definitely would like to see improvements in this area. If you need to use the Quizzes tool, due to needing the timer, submission limitation, etc., I would recommend using the file upload question type. Once the file is uploaded, you can download the files and annotate as you have done so previously in your word processor. Then upload the file in the Speedgrader (right column on the screen) to return to students.

I hope this suggestion helps in your teaching and planning your next exam.

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