How to Setup Vacation Settings or Email Forwarding for Rice Email

This document details vacation settings for faculty, staff, and graduate students for email (using Cyrus mail servers). Also how to forward email.

Step 1:  Faculty, Staff,  and Graduate Students: log into your WebTools to manage your vacation settings at Once logged in; select WebSieve.


Step 2:  This will take you to SmartSieve (also known as WebSieve) where you will be prompted for you NetID and Password.

SmartSieve login

Step 3:  Once logged in, click on the Vacation Settings icon.

vacation setting

Step 4: Enter  "Vacation Settings:".   Edit the vacation message. Click the "Save Changes". This rule is disabled by default.  To enable, click the "Enabled" butoon.

vacation message

Step 5: This rule is enabled when you see the green checkmark .

Step 6:  Log out if you have completed SmartSieve processes.