How to Setup Vacation Settings for Rice Email

This document details vacation settings for faculty, staff, and graduate students for email (using Cyrus mail servers).

Step 1:  Faculty, Staff,  and Graduate Students: log into your WebTools to manage your vacation settings at Once logged in; select WebSieve.


Step 2:  This will take you to SmartSieve (also known as WebSieve) where you will be prompted for you NetID and Password.

SmartSieve login

Step 3:  Once logged in, click on the Vacation Settings icon.

vacation setting

Step 4: Enter  "Vacation Settings:".   Edit the vacation message. Click the "Save Changes". This rule is disabled by default.  To enable, click the "Enabled" butoon.

vacation message

Step 5: This rule is enabled when you see the green checkmark .

Step 6:  Log out if you have completed SmartSieve processes.