How to Setup Mail Forwarding for Rice Email

This document details forwarding faculty, staf, and graduate students f email (using Cyrus mail servers) to an external or non-Rice email address.

Before you forward your Rice email 

Notice:  All official Rice University electronic communications are sent to graduate student, faculty, and staff email addresses. Even if you have another email address, you still need to check your email every day for important announcements from University administrators

If you prefer to forward your internal Rice email to an external Gmail or other address, first consider the type of data you will discuss in or attach to your email correspondence. Research and other data that is confidential or sensitive to the university should be handled with care to prevent data loss or leaks. Rice faculty, staff, and graduate students all use an internal email system.  To protect sensitive Rice data, everyone with access to research data and other sensitive or confidential university information is automatically assigned to the internal university mail system.

Forwarding your Rice email

Step 1:  Faculty, Staff,  and Graduate Students: log into your webmail account at . Once logged in; click on the Others dropdown and select SmartSieve at the top of the screen. 

smart sieve

Step 2:  This will take you to SmartSieve where you will be prompted for you NetID and Password.

SmartSieve login

Step 3:  Once logged in, click on the Forward Mail icon.


Step 4: Lastly, enter the email address you wish your Rice email to forward to in the field Forward to address under "Mail forwarding:". 
Click the "Save Changes".

forward to

Step 6:  Log out if you have completed SmartSieve processes.