Google Takeouts

How to use Google Takeouts

Google Takeouts is a program that lets you download a copy of all your information out on Google.

Go to

First, make sure that the account you're wanting to backup is the correct one.

There are many options to choose to backup. You do not have to backup all of them, you can pick and choose

For example, most people want bookmarks, photos, drive, email, and such. So pick the options you'd like to have backed up.

Click the next button

You need to choose what kind of file type to download. Zip is typical.

These are other options.

Then you'll need to decide what delivery method. Most will choose to get an email that will alert them to the files. Others will chose other options.

Once both options are chosen, click Create archive.

Please Note: This can take hours and even days to get the files created. 
You can close this window.

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