Canvas: Adding an Ensemble Video Playlist to a Page in Canvas

Step-by-step directions to adding an Ensemble Playlist to Pages in Canvas.

1. Open your course in Canvas.
2. Select "pages" on the left side the course menu.
3. Click "View all pages."
view all pages
4. Select "Add a page."
add a page

5.Open another window and go to Ensemble.

6. Select Playlists on the far left.

7. Find the playlist you want and click on "Embed playlist"

Select all of the iFrame responsive code
iframe code

8. Go back to the Canvas page. Give the page a title.

9. Select "HTML editor"
and paste in the code.  (Command V or Control V)

10. Click save.
Course films
11. Your playlist will appear and be playable from the page.

12. You need to publish the page in order for it to be viewed by students. 

***In Canvas, you will have to add the page either in Modules, in an assignment, or have the "pages" link visible on the left hand list of your course. ***

For information about Pages in Canvas, see the instructor's guide by clicking the external link here: