Connecting to the RiceNet3 Wired Network on Windows 10

How to connect to the RiceNet3 Wired Network on Windows 10

  1. First connect your Windows 10 machine to the wired network via an ethernet port.

  2. Open your preferred web browser. After a few moments, you should be redirected to a login page.

  3. Type in your NetID and NetID Password

  4. Scoll to the bottom and click Accept.

  5. Press Start to begin the automated setup process.

  6. Enter a device name for your computer (Something like "YourName-Computer", for example), and an optional description

  7. Your computer will now download a .exe file. Once the download has completed, browse to your Downloads folder and double-click the .exe

  8. Press Run

  9. Next you will navigate the Network Setup Assistant. Click "Start"

  10. Enter your NetID Password here

  11. Press Yes to delete the old network certificate

  12. Press Yes to install the new certificate

  13. You will be prompted to allow Command Prompt to make changes multiple times. Press Yes each time

  14. If prompted, enter your NetID and NetID password here

  15. Press Exit to complete the installation

You are now connected to the Wired Network!


For advanced users:

In the event your computer does not accept the certificate change, you may manually change the 802.1x settings by following directions at:

If you need assistance, stop by the IT Help Desk in Mudd 103 and ask a Student Computer Consultant for help.