Configuring certificate settings for Mac OS X

How to configure certificate settings for Mac OS X.

The Rice Owls wireless network uses certificate based security.

Essentially what that means is that when your computer tries to connect to the internet, the following happens:

  1. The Rice server shows your computer a certificate telling it who the server is
  2. Your computer checks this certificate against ones that it knows, to see if it recognizes the server
  3. If it finds a certificate that matches, it will connect to the internet. If it cannot find one, it will not connect.

But for this to work, your computer needs to have that certificate stored so that it can validate the server.

The instructions on this page are for adding that certificate, so that your computer can connect to the Rice Owls network.

Configuring the certificate

The following was done on an iMac running OSX 10.8, Mountain Lion. However, these steps should be essentially the same on all Macintosh computers

If you already know what you are doing, the certificate is here
1) Open Keychain Access

You can find Keychain Access by searching for Keychain in Spotlight

2) Verify that there are no previous certificates

Select the "login" entry on the left side of the screen.

3)Search for "Radius" in the search bar, and delete any results that come up.

4) Download the new certificate

Download and save the certificate. You can either do this by connecting to Rice Visitor, or by downloading the file onto another computer and copying it over. The file can be found here.

5) Open the file

Locate the certificate file you downloaded in step 3, and double click on it to open it. It should now appear in Keychain Access, as shown.

If Keychain Access complains about the "root keychain" when you open the file, try closing Keychain Access and then opening the certificate file again.

6) Open the detailed information page

Right click (or click while holding down the command ⌘ key), and select "get info"

7) Change the trust settings

Click on the "trust" menu on the window that opens, and change the value for "when using this certificate" to "Always Trust".

8) Save the changes

Close the window. The system should show a pop up similar to the one above asking you to verify the changes.

Enter your system password, and click on "Update Settings"

9) You're done!

At this point, your system should know to trust the certificate.

You can now continue attempting to connect to the wireless network.