Connect a Windows 8 Computer to Rice Owls

Instructions to connect Windows 8 computers to Rice Owls.

Configuring Rice Owls
Hover your mouse in the bottom right corner of your desktop until the Windows 8 start panel appears. Click on the Settings button.

Now click on the Networks button. You should see Rice Owls appear as one of the networks. Right click on Rice Owls and select View Connection Properties.

For the security type, select WPA2-Enterprise and for the encryption type, select AES. For the authentication method, select Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP).
Now select the Settings button.

Make sure that the Verify the server's identity by validating its certificate button at the top of this screen is not checked. For the Select Authentication Method option, select Secured password.
Select the Configure... button and ensure that the Automatically use my Windows login name and password button is not checked.

Press the OK button at the bottom of the window to save these changes. Now selected the Advanced settings button on Image 3. Under the 802.1X settings tab, make sure that the Specify authentication mode button is checked and select User authentication. Now press the Add credentials button and input your Rice NetID and password. Press OK to save them and then press OK in the Advanced settings window to close it.

On Image 3, select the Connection tab and ensure that the Connect automatically when this network is in range button is checked. Now press OK to exit the connection properties.
Windows should now automatically connect to Owls. If not, return to Image 2, select Rice Owls, and press the Connect button.